this is a hat you can buy



Why is this a thing…

Most days im a well mannered good boy but some days I just want Tom Hardy to renovate my asshole

Anonymous asked:

Just chiming in here after seeing these asks pop up a bunch. Even if anon WERE correct and you and anyone else were sleeping around, who the hell cares? As long as all parties involved are consenting adults and aren't making empty promises, fuck it, or rather, each other. Sleeping around is fun! Relationships are fun! Being single can be fun! Slut shaming will get us absolutely nowhere. As long as all parties are safe and consenting, there's absolutely nothing wrong.

Amen bruh

Anonymous asked:

Lol this is cute. I've actually talked to you before I have a bunch of nudes and some videos. We talked lmao. And I found out from a bunch of people about how you really are. But keep trying to deny it whatever lol. Cute that your grindr says you aren't really into hook ups.

Lol all you want, sounds like you’ve been talking to the asshole who’s been catfishing people with my pictures and stuff on grindr and scruff. You can be negative and rude all you want but at the end of the day im still happy with myself and you’re unhappy with yourself. If you really have a problem with me, say it to my face off anon because I won’t answer another cowardly anon complaint. Good day to you.